Hiking is a popular pastime in the UK, but it can also be an extremely rewarding activity for the whole family. For those who have been to Britain before, you will no doubt be aware of the amazing scenery available. If you haven’t gone hiking in the UK before you may be surprised at some of the scenery available. Here’s a list of fantastic hiking routes in the UK to entice you to venture outdoors and explore more of this country.

Roots And Origins Of Hiking

Snowdon Peak is one of the most visited hiking spots in the UK and is also one of the most famous. For those interested in hiking the British High Peak, this is a must do stop on your trip. The Snowdon Peak and Gleneagles National Park offer visitors the chance to view amazing views and encounter mountain panoramas that are unlike anything else in Europe. From the Snowdon Peak you can hike up to the summit and experience spectacular views of the English countryside. Hiking up the summit is a gradual and challenging journey. Although the Snowdon Peak offers a great view of the English countryside, do keep in mind the snow on the summit!

Hiking around the Lake District provides a variety of hiking routes. Each of these has its own character and offers a different time needed to complete the trek. Those looking for the most challenging hiking experience can start their trek at thepiring Alton Towers which is only about seven miles long. For those looking for the most challenging trek on the shortest route possible, the Hathersage Area has some of the best hikes imaginable. For those looking for an inexpensive day out from London, the Lake District offers a great selection of day trips that allow hiking on many different routes.

Waking Sites And Locations In The UK

Of all of the walking tours of the UK, I would recommend Hathersage. The first three hours of Hathersage are devoted entirely to walking. However, if you are going to hike along the loans you will be much better off by taking a bus or train to Loch Lomond. If you choose to walk from Hathersage to Loch Lomond, it is possible to make the entire journey by bus, train or boat. Another attraction in Hathersage is the vintage railway station that used to run through the village of Coniston. Now it is only used for bus services and climbing shoes are not allowed.

Another popular hiking destination is Scafell Pike. This is a valley that is filled with beautiful, wide open views of the mountains that surround it. For those looking for a hiking trail that can be enjoyed year round this is a great choice. The only restriction that the Scafell Pike hikers need to know is that the summit is closed to visitors at all times except on the summer months from April to September. Otherwise the place is open to hikers and walkers at all times.


In conclusion, hiking in the UK does not need to be an endurance event. There are days when you can hike on days that offer little in the way of scenery or time needed. There are also great days when you can spend the entire day on a highland without seeing a single person. The days but can be broken down into more specific periods such as days that are good for resting or hiking and days but can be broken down into more specific periods such as days that are good for camping or hiking and day. For more advice on where and when to hike please visit the site mentioned below.

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