You may have noticed a dark stain near the boiler and flue or maybe you saw an orange or yellow flame. This could be caused by CO poisoning. Look for signs such as coffee stains or condensation on windows. You can check the flue for yellow flame or other signs of carbon monoxide leakage. You can also check for exhaust gas leaks by using a mirror at room temperature. The mirror will become fogged up if the exhaust gas is leaking. If you encounter any of the above-mentioned situations then it might be a sign that you should get boiler service. Read our article as we will discuss what you should expect from a boiler service in Edinburgh.


What Doe It Include?

Before your engineer arrives, you should fire up your boiler and check for any hidden water or steam leaks. If you find leaks, it’s imperative to fix them immediately. There are several ways to find and fix leaks in a boiler.  To start, check the pressure of the boiler. If it’s too high, the pressure relief valve might be leaking. To fix the leak, tighten the pressure relief valve and replace the gasket. The ideal reading should be between one and two bars. If you find your pressure gauge lower than this, you should repressurise it. If you cannot find the instructions for topping up the pressure gauge, then wait for the engineer to arrive. They will advise you on how to do this. A boiler that’s not properly insulated will lose its efficiency. Similarly, if it’s not insulated properly, the pressure in the water will not be enough to heat your home.

When you have your boiler serviced in Edinburgh, the engineers will introduce themselves and give you their Gas Safe ID card. They will also ask you a few questions about your boiler and any problems you may be experiencing. A certified engineer will explain to you the options available to resolve the faults. The engineer will also complete a boiler service record and provide you with routine documentation and information. The engineer will clean up their work area and leave it as tidy as possible. Once they have completed the service, they will leave it clean and safe for you.

Boiler service Edinburgh includes cleaning the heating system components. The boiler’s electrical and gas connections must be clean and functioning properly. The boiler’s pressure and temperature should be checked as well. Any errors on the display panel should be resolved. Finally, the boiler should be tested to ensure that there are no leaks. If the water is clear, the boiler is working properly.

The water used in a boiler is crucial. You must make sure that the water is of high quality to ensure optimum performance. If you have a water heater, you can add a deaerator to remove the corrosive gases. These dissolved gases are harmful to your boiler’s parts, especially the condenser and feed lines. It is a wise choice to use a deaerator when you have a boiler to prevent scale formation.

When you have a boiler service Edinburgh done, it will help prevent breakdowns, maximize its life and help you save money on heating bills. It is important to hire a Gas Safe engineer, who will ensure that all elements are in safe working order. You should also ask the engineer to check for any issues, even those that might not seem serious at first glance. The engineer will be able to catch these issues before they become too costly and need to be replaced.

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Why Is It Necessary?

During winter, boilers put a lot of pressure on the heating system, so having your boiler serviced is important, especially during the cold season. During winter, a boiler service Edinburgh will mainly entail a thorough check for any problems with the heating system, including the fire and waterside, and check the low water cutoff and safety devices. These measures will ensure that your boiler will perform optimally throughout the winter. The boiler service you choose is a worthwhile investment. You will be saving money on heating bills and the comfort of your home.



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