Rising damp is a property problem that normally occurs due to a lack of maintenance and forward planning in a property or building. After rising damp has been discovered, if it has not been resolved quickly then it can escalate and lead to more serious property problems. Therefore you should follow some of the steps in this guide in order to address and take on the issues that can arise because of rising damp.

Rising damp

Preventing Property Issues In Your Home

If you are having problems within your home, it is important that you tackle a variety of different types of property issues. Preventing property issues from occurring is key to ensuring that your property can stay in top overall condition.

One of the easiest changes which you can make to your property is improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is crucial in preventing issues such as rising damp or condensation from developing. One of the main ways in which you can improve overall energy efficiency would be to have a new boiler installed in your property.

A new boiler can help to heat the home and ensure that it is free from most forms of damp or condensation within it. Unfortunately many properties across the UK are poorly equipped with heating systems and as a result, these property issues can develop more rapidly

Rising damp

What Damage Can Damp Cause?

Issues such as rising damp can be pretty severe in most properties. Rising damp can lead to a range of different issues. One of the most common issues which is associated with rising damp is mold. Mold can leave large dark marks on walls and other surfaces within the property, in addition to this mold can also lead to health conditions in those present within the property.

Rising damp tends to spread vertically through a property and can eventually lead to structural damage. It’s crucial that this issue is tackled as soon as possible in order for a property to be kept habitable and good working order.

There are plenty of different measures which you can take in order to ensure that damp is prevented. Using the skills and expertise of a damp repair specialist is very important. If you need the issue tackled properly then it is important that it is done properly. Using an expert in damp repairs will ensure that this issue is addressed and properly dealt with in good time.

Can Rising Damp Be Prevented?

Without a doubt , rising damp can be prevented. Rising damp can spread quickly so it is best tackled quickly. Property surveys, using the surveys of property repair specialists and also through damp proofing services in order to prevent the build-up of damp.

So to conclude the issue of rising damp can be prevented providing that you pay attention to your property and ensure that it is regularly maintained. Damp proofing is one of the most effective ways through which this can be done. When looking for a property repair specialist conduct thorough research before locating a specialist.

Rising damp