The climate emergency is a term which is being coined by climate and eco-activists around the world. Essentially what this means is that there is an impending emergency due to the way the earth’s climate is changing and rising carbon dioxide emissions. It is thought that global temperatures could rise significantly over the next 30 years. This could potentially lead to large floods due to the global sea level rising as a result of melting glaciers.

What Has Caused This?

There are a wide range of factors that have contributed to overall higher co2 levels as well as globally increased temperatures. The main causes of these factors have come from a number of different sources. One of the biggest sources is thought to be meat consumption and production.

Globally billions eat meat and the methane produced from this livestock as well as human consumption has led to a spike in methane emissions which are also contributing to rising global temperatures. Another factor which may be contributing to this issue overall is vehicles.

Around the world car ownership is increasing and with it co2 emissions. Although having said this car manufacturers are doing a lot to try and meet emissions standards and stop this issue from occurring.

The third and possibly most significant factor that has led to the climate emergency developing is complacency and lack of action. Clearly there has been a lack of action overall to address what is currently going on and this is having a significant impact overall on the effect that climate change is having overall.

What Is Being To Tackle This Issue?

There are many different ways in which the issue of climate change is being tackled overall around the world. One of the main ways in which this issue is being tackled overall is through social media and political campaigns. Increasingly this issue is being circulated more and more widely online as people become more concerned about it overall.

Another key way in which this issue is being addressed is by governments. Many governments within the EU are offering their population grants as well as incentives to start using renewable technology such as heat pumps and solar panels. In Scotland that has been particularly successful in rural areas. In addition to this governments in the EU have also offered some incentives for electric vehicles to encourage people to adopt this new technology.

What Effect Are Cars Having?

Cars are thought to be having a significant overall effect on global warming due to the co2 emissions they produce. However many car manufacturers have produced cars in recent years that have almost zero co2 emissions overall. This means that their effect on the environment may be overstated slightly.

The development of electric vehicles has been sped up since worrying statistics about climate change have begun emerging. Electric vehicles run purely on electricity and contribute zero carbon emissions into the environment. However one of the main issues with them is the initial cost. At the moment the electric vehicle market is still quite expensive and it is unlikely that the majority of drivers will be able to afford this technology for many years to come until the prices balance out a bit.