Optimising your website is the ultimate way to increase traffic and potentially leads as well. If you’re looking for an SEO company Edinburgh, then you might be wondering what sort of things they are going to do to boost your website and transform your businesses marketing strategy. Here are just some of the tools that they use to help you reach your goals.


Keywords are the types of queries that potential customers will type into a search engine. For example, an SEO company in Edinburgh may have the keyword “SEO Company Edinburgh.” This is because that’s what people who are searching for that particular service are likely to search for.

Keywords can be tracked on Google AdWords and pro rank tracker, this can show information relating to average monthly searches, and how well your website is ranking with particular keywords.

Page Copy

Page copy should contain keywords, but they shouldn’t be overused. Keyword stuffing is a mistake that’s made by many inexperienced people who are trying to do SEO themselves. Google will register if a keyword is excessively used and could end up ranking your website as spam, this will likely decrease your website ranking as Google won’t trust your website or its content.

Title Tags

Title tags act like titles for each individual page. They make navigation easy as they are the links that people press to get from page to page. For example, you may have a drop-down menu for your company’s location pages and they may read, “SEO Company Glasgow, SEO Company Edinburgh” etc.

URL Structure

The URL is another great way to improve your SEO. The sorter and more direct the URL structure the better. For example, “seocompany.net/84538-kanjsdknsloa” is not a good URL structure. It is not very clear what the page represents.  You should aim for .com or .co.uk when choosing a website domain. This is because Google trusts these sites more. Another example would be; seocompany.co.uk/seo-company-edinburgh and is the example of a good URL structure. It is clear what the site is about and contains the focus keyword.


Crawlers can’t see images like humans and rely on code to be able to read what they are. Changing the image title and alt text on an image can help the system read your pictures. If the titles and alt text relate to your content and keywords, then this could also help your website rank higher.

Meta Descriptions

A meta description is the two lines of text that that appear under the URL on the search results. These descriptions are a company’s chance to try and draw in consumers by briefly telling them a bit about the webpage and the content on it. It is useful if this also contains a keyword and not just something random, as this could also have your website marked as spam.

As you can see there are many different ways that SEO can be used to improve your business. If you’re looking for an SEO company Edinburgh then don’t delay! Your competitors aren’t waiting!

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