What are Pump Trucks?

There are many different names for a pump truck, these include;

  • Pallet jack
  • Pallet truck
  • Pallet pump
  • Dog
  • Jigger

Pump trucks are the most basic form of forklift

What are Pump Trucks Used for?

Pump trucks can be used for a variety of different things, but normally require moving heavy objects or a lot of smaller objects from one place to another.

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Different Types of Pallet Jacks

In bigger warehouses, it is common to have both manual and electric models.


Manual pallet trucks are commonly used when single pallets are moved over short distances, for example, a small workshop, small manufacturing business or a warehouse.

This type of pump truck is most commonly see in retail and personal warehousing. They can carry up to 2500kg.

Earlier manual pallet jacks were loaded by mechanical linkages, more modern versions use a hand-pumped hydraulic jack to lift.


Powered pallet jack is also known as;

  • Electric pallet trucks
  • Walkies
  • Single pallet jacks
  • Double pallet hacks
  • Power jack

These are ideal for warehouses as they can carry larger weights as they can carry up to 5,000-6,000lbs depending on the make and model. Some specially built power jacks can even lift more.  These are best for use on loading docks and staging areas.

How Wide is a Standard Pallet Jack?

The size of standardised pallet jacks by North American standards are approximately;

7” Fork width, the dimension between the outer edges of the forks 20 ¼” (51.4 cm) and 27” (68.6 cm). Bearing in mind this is the dimensions for one fork, and a pallet jack has two forks.

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Benefits of Using a Pallet Jack

Increased Efficiency

In the 1930’s it took 72 hours to unpack a boxcar, today, with the use of pallet trucks, it can be done in less than 4 hours. They make lifting and organising goods far easier.

Comes with Accessories

Pallet jacks sometimes come with;

  • Integrated weighing scales, where you can easily weigh goods on the pallet truck
  • Small printers which can be included to print out a loads weight

Both of these features add to the processes efficiency.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

There can lift goods to certain heights to make handling easier. This helps you store goods on high warehouse shelves and can also be useful when loading goods onto a truck or a van.

Not Enough Space

If the warehouse doesn’t have enough space for bigger handling equipment such as forklifts, then this is a great alternative.

Worker Safety

Pallet trucks help keep workers safe from injuries associated with heavy lifting.

How to Acquire a Pump Truck?

If you are looking to either rent or buy a pump truck, there are plenty of options both size and price wise. There are many benefits of owning a pallet truck if you work in a warehouse.

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