Orthodontics has rapidly developed over the years. Not only can we have straight teeth in a matter of time if we don’t already, you can now wear invisible braces that are virtually undetectable. Read more to find out if getting invisible braces Glasgow is the best option for you.


Traditional metal braces can look unattractive in a person’s mouth, it is also very obvious when people have braces and this can lead them to feel self-conscious. The metal stands out against the teeth and food can get caught in them without the person who’s wearing them even realising. When you get invisible braces Glasgow, you can barely even notice them, but rather the person looks like they might not be wearing braces. Invisible braces are definitely better looking aesthetically.

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What makes invisible braces stand out, even more, is the fact that they’re removable. Traditional metal braces, on the other hand, must remain in place and be removed professionally. Invisible braces give the wearer the option to take the braces off for short periods of time, for example, when eating or drinking.


Traditional braces contain protruding bits of metal; this can lead to the inside of your mouth or gums getting punctured or scratched. You are especially vulnerable to this if the wire in your brace has snapped. Invisible braces are smooth and comfortable for the user to wear, and do not include any sharp edges. Traditional metal braces can cause further issues when it comes to the demineralisation and decay of teeth. They also use a great deal of force to achieve the results, invisible braces are a much gentler brace to use so should hopefully hurt less. Clear braces reduce the damage that can be caused by wearing traditional metal braces.

invisible braces glasgow

Duration of Treatment

Metal braces could take up to 5 years to straighten a person’s teeth, whereas invisible braces could take from as little as the year to a year and a half to achieve the desired results.

Knowing What to Expect

Before getting invisible braces dental patients must go under treatment planning, which is fully computerised. This means that the patient knows exactly what to expect and will be informed of the duration required to achieve straight teeth with the braces. Traditional braces run on a more trial-and-error based methodology, which can see users wearing braces for a lot longer than expected.

before and after Invisalign invisible braces

As you can see, invisible braces offer a comprehensive range of advantages over traditional braces. They are more comfortable, less of a danger to teeth and gums and give you a perfect smile much faster. All in all, invisible braces are far more practical than traditional ones.

If you are interested in getting invisible braces Glasgow, then there are many options when it comes to orthodontists. Ensuring you choose a reputable orthodontist will help ensure the success of the braces, leading to a stunning smile.

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