Wearing foundation day in day out can be challenging to say the least. Here are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your foundation, and help it last all day.

Find Your Colour

Before you even start applying foundation you need to ensure you have one that matches your skin correctly. The colour should not be different to that of your skin, and the best way to tell for sure is to look at it compared to your skin in natural sunlight.

Moisturise First

To get the most out of your foundation it is extremely important to moisturise your face before applying it. After cleansing your face, while your face is still damp, apply moisturiser and let it absorb for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you don’t rush this process. Give your skin time to absorb as much moisture as possible from the lotion. Moisture is key to all-day coverage.

Apply It Like a Pro

The best tool to use for liquid foundation (and the only one you should be using) is the beauty blender. Run it under the cold tap for a few seconds and then squeeze out the excess water – the beauty blender should not be dripping when it comes into contact with your face. After that put some foundation on the back of your hand, use a small makeup brush to put dots of foundation evenly around the face, then use the beauty blender to dab the foundation into your face to blend it all together. Giving you a smooth and even finish.

Conceal After

Reverse the habit of starting your makeup routine by trying to hide blemishes and dark circles. Start off with your base foundation and conceal on top of that.  Over-concealing is a huge problem and can lead to your makeup becoming cakey under your eyes. Applying your base coat first will reduce your need (possibly eliminate) your need for concealer.

Thick concealers can make your under-eyes look cakey and will draw attention to your under eye wrinkles, circles and imperfections. Try a lighter liquid to blur imperfections rather than trying to cover them up altogether.

Finish with Luminous Powder

Matte powder foundation can have a tendency to suck the life out of your face and make your skin look dry. Translucent, illuminating powders make the skin glow rather by reflecting light, whilst still taking down the natural shine on your face.

How to apply: Starting on the hairline at one side, then swoop down the cheekbone, up to the bridge of the nose, and back down to the other cheek, and then up to the hairline again. In a W motion.

Midday Touch Ups

If you want to look fresh all day, then you are going to have to touch up your makeup every now and then. I’m sorry to say there’s no magical solution and no real way around this. But ensuring you carry a pack of blotting papers and a small bottle of face mist in your bag.