We have all said at some point in our lives that we are going to start eating healthy. But improving your diet is the living embodiment of the phrase “it’s easier said than done”. There are so many foods out there that often we don’t know if what we are eating is good for us or not. But with more information than ever available to us, it’s easier now than ever to have a healthier diet. There are also more reasons than ever to be healthier. Here is why you need to start eating your greens:

1.      It Makes Us More Productive

Think of your brain as an engine. The higher the quality of the fuel, the better that it is going to run. If you are constantly eating junk foods that aren’t of any nutritional value then your brain and productivity is going to suffer because of this. A study in 2012 by Population Health Management discovered that people with an unhealthy diet had 66% more chance of productivity loss. By eating better foods, your work life will improve.

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2.      Cheaper Life Insurance

If you have life insurance – and you definitely should – then eating healthy can make it cheaper. This is because most insurance companies that are selling you life insurance will look at your age and health in order to determine how much it will be. Obese people on average have to pay twice as much for their life insurance than people with a healthy weight. While it may seem like junk foods are cheaper than healthier foods, it will save you money in the long run.

3.      Puts You in a Better Mood

It’s a proven fact that by eating nutritional foods that you will be put in a better mood. The food and drink that we consumer influences how our brain works. This includes the bit of the brain that controls our mood. By eating foods that are full of vitamins and minerals we will see an improvement in our moods on a daily basis. Improving your diet can also reduce the stress that we can so often feel.

4.      Helps Control Your Weight

Most people should know that a healthy diet means that our weight is better, but we’ll include it on the list anyway. There are more obese people on the planet today than ever before and while health has become a focus of governments, there is still uninformed people out there. Eating a balanced diet will stop you from becoming overweight.

5.      Longer Life Expectancy

There has been numerous studies that have found that a healthy diet combined with regular exercise will help extend our life expectancies. Eating an unhealthy diet can give us diseases that although won’t instantly kill us, take years off how long we are going to live. Fruits, vegetables and fish have all been found to improve life expectancy.

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