Car ownership is something many of us bicker and debate over on social media as well as in person. On each side you can have die hard supporters and die hard opposition to car ownership but each side takes a very different view of the car and its purpose in our society today.

A Short Introduction To The Car

The car was first introduced in its earliest forms around the start of the 20th century shortly before the breakout of the first world war. After the introduction of the car it was mainly only available or accessible to purchase for the wealthy and rich. However as time went on after the second world war private car ownership began to increase rapidly as more and more car manufacturers began to grow the market and make it more accessible to the general public.

Who Opposes The Car And Why?

In terms of opposition to the existence of cars this comes predominantly from climate change and eco activist groups. One of the main reasons why they oppose the car is the emissions that cars produce. Although cars do produce some emissions these have been restricted over a period of years and are often being reviewed year on year.

However despite this , due to the fact that cars produce Co2 many organisations want them gone altogether and either replaced with electric vehicles or Eco friendly transport alternatives such as bicycles. Another argument that is made by those against cars is that there are too many on the roads. Too many cars on the roads means increased congestion which can lead to more pollution as well as inefficient transport and travel.

Why Own A Car?

There are a range of reasons as to why you may want to own a car. One of the biggest benefits and attractions to motoring is the freedom that it can provide. Owning a car means that you can travel almost anywhere at anytime you wish without having to conform to timetables set by public transport companies. Another key benefit to owning a car is ease of access and speed of travel. Owning a car also means that you may have shorter journey times and areas easier to access.

So what are the downsides to owning a car? owning car isn’t always smooth sailing and there can be issues that arise which will illustrate the down sides of owning a car. One of the main downsides is repair costs. Repair costs can prove to be a financial burden and can be costly. However they are a necessary evil in order to ensure that your vehicle stays on the road. In addition to this car maintenance as well as insurance costs , road tax and the cost of the vehicle and fuel can prove to be expensive overall.


Overall to conclude there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using cars and vehicles as a form of transport. What is clear is that cars and other vehicles to have some impact on the environment. However many people in rural areas as well as urban need them in order to function within day to day life. More is being done to adapt cars to make them eco friendly for the future. They do require regular maintenance and attention but can ultimately prove to be valuable assets.