When you have a friend, loved one or family member who loved all things whisky, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift without handing over a bottle each year. Whilst this is a much-loved gift, there are many other whisky-related accessories, whisky miniatures and experience gifts that will certainly impress the recipient. Here are our best suggestions for your whisky lover.

Whisky Miniatures

Whisky is always an ideal gift for any whisky lover, however, the difficulty here is finding the right type of whisky they like. If you don’t have much experience with whisky then it may be ideal to look into a miniature whisky set as they will have a selection of whisky’s to try from various regions. The Rare Malt Whisky Company supply great miniature whisky sets as well as amazing full-sized rare malt whiskies from across Scotland.

whisky miniatures

Whisky Stones

For those intense whisky drinkers who like their whisky cold without diluting the taste with ice will love the idea of whisky stones. You can buy a set of nine well-rounded ice stones that don’t scratch your lovely glasses and will keep your whisky ice cold whilst keeping the taste. Simply pop them in the freezer and add them to your tipple.

Change up your Glasses

Instead of your standard whisky glasses why not investigate the various shapes so your loved one can drink in style. From the classic rounded glass, perfect for nosing the whisky, to a beautifully carved diamond shape, sure to wow the guests.

Take a Tour

There are plenty of whisky distilleries across Scotland that offer whisky tours. You can go and see exactly how that whisky is produced, distilled and stored before purchase. Most tours will give you an in-depth look at the history and whisky industry. By the end of the tour, you will be ready to sample the distillery’s products as they teach you how to properly task all of the notes and characteristics of the liquid gold.

Rare Malt Whisky

If you know what your loved one’s tipple is for a super special occasion then why not invest in rare malt whisky. A very special and appreciative gift for anyone serious whisky collector. These are seen as an investment of sorts or for special occasion celebrations. To see a wide variety of whisky, visit The Rare Malt Whisky Company for a fantastic range of rare malt. Suitable for any whisky lover.

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