Credit and finance are two large factors within our lives which not everyone may have considered before this point. Its likely that you may have heard of them but not fully understood what they are and how they work overall.


Finance can be associated with where you invest your money overall as well as how you manage your money on the whole also known as (finances) finance can be managed through a variety of different methods and in this article we will discuss different ways in which finance can be used as well as the overall effects it can have overall.

One of the most important factors that you can consider that is associated with finance is risk. Risk is a key factor in relation to finances as any investment you make typically has some degree of risk involved with it. This is because businesses and organisations which can be invested in are liable to market change.

Having considered the risk associated with investments it is often a wise decision to invest a sum of money into a company which has steady and consistent results and support. This is advisable for people investing for the first time as although they won’t make much it ensures their capital is more likely to be secure and can benefit from slow steady growth overall.

Managing Finance

When things come to managing finance there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of the best ways in which finance can be managed is through the process of budgeting. Budgeting is a great way in which you can manage your money overall as it allows you to move it around also take into account purchases that could affect your overall income.

When budgeting it is important to be realistic with your incomings and outgoings in terms of cash flow as there can always be some unexpected bills that can affect your overall finances on the whole. It is therefore important to have some form of safety net in order to negate the need for payday loans or high interest credit cards which can cost significantly more in the long run overall.


Credit is a form of services and source of capital that can be sourced by paying these back at a later date. Some of the most common forms of credit include credit cards , loans , payday loans etc. Credit is used by people as it helps to build up their overall credit rating. Furthermore credit cards can be used to ensure purchases are secure as they add an extra layer of security to purchases overall.

Here are some of the main advantages of credit cards:

  • Can help to build your credit score rating
  • Can give you an extra credit boost when you have large bills to pay
  • Often come with added extras/bonuses e.g breakdown cover
  • Can be used in any currency

The term credit can also be associated with your credit score. Your credit score is a score that is given to you by credit check agencies based on a variety of different factors. When this credit score is given to Loan providers it is used to determine whether or not you may be eligible for a loan depending on your overall financial history.

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