The VHS to DVD conversion process is definitely something you should consider if you are looking to get the most out of older memories such as archives of family tapes. Inevitably as time goes on these old media formats can become damaged easily and may also lack in quality due to the gradual decline of old media.



VHS is a type of video recording cassette tape that is used to play and record media. It was developed in 1977 and quickly went on to become one of the most popular media formats available anywhere in the world. One of the key reasons why it became such a popular form of media was the sheer amount of mass production. Shortly after its launch , the VHS tape quickly became an extremely popular form of media which was effectively a available across the world.


Why Consider Converting VHS to DVD?

Overall , there are a number of reasons as to why you may wish to convert your old VHS tapes to DVD format. One of the main reasons why many people choose to convert their VHS tapes to DVD format is preservation.

DVD’s are an excellent way through which footage can be preserved. This is because DVD’s are considerably more durable than VHS tapes and have a number of support services as well as approved repairers that can fix any media or hardware issues if needed.

Another key reason why you may wish to convert VHS to DVD format is the flexibility of the media format. Whilst VHS is restricted to VHS players , DVD’s can be used on multiple platforms such as DVD players , Computers , Games consoles and Integrated TV’s. This adds much more flexibility overall and makes the DVD more desirable in general.


What Are The Main Advantages Of Using DVD’s?

DVD’ s have a range of benefits that people can enjoy overall. One of the main benefits of DVD’s is durability. DVD’s are typically a lot more durable than VHS tapes. This means that they can last for longer and are also less prone to damage. Furthermore , the DVD’s sleek and compact design means that it can be stored easily and takes up a lot less space when compared with the VHS tape.

Another key advantage to using a DVD as your main media format is ease of repair. A significant benefit that the DVD has over the VHS tape is the fact that it can be easily repaired by an approved repair shop. Whereas VHS tapes are more difficult to repair due to the lack of VHS repair shops still around.


To conclude it is clear that the process of converting VHS to DVD leads to a range of benefits that people can enjoy overall. Undoubtedly , there are a lot more advantages to using new and updated media , furthermore it is a more sustainable option. The conversion process normally takes a matter of days and the benefits can be enjoyed for many years to come. The old media can be retained alongside the new copies.